Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday, December 30, 2005
I am so bored. This is what I've done today:

-Slept until I smelled what I thought was breakfast cooking- alas, I was wrong. It wasn't my breakfast. Grr. What does a girl have to do to get some hashbrowns around here?!
-Sat on the couch in my new yellow bathrobe for about 2 hours. Ate cornpops. See, Sarah! It's not just in our apartment that I eat them- they are a staple at El Rancho Doug and Lenore.
- Contemplated starting a new book, but realized that there is nothing left unread. Drat.
-Went for a run.
-Sorted laundry into two piles: dark, and darker.

My life is thrilling.

In other news- I love ripple chips. Mmm, ripple chips.
Regrets. I suppose it's completely unrealistic to think that I've made it through an entire year without them, so what better way to accept and move on than lay them on the table right here and now?

1. Not making it to Battleford to see Grandma Clara. I love her dearly, and she's the most beautiful, intelligent, captivating woman I will ever know, and it's an honour to be related to her. That said, I'm a bad person for not visiting her this summer. Or over winter break. The woman is in her eighties- and let's face it- I'm running out of summers.

2. Being so damn crusty. Particularily to my brother- sorry, Al. You party on like the bad ass you are, and nevermind your older sister that "hates fun".

3. Allowing myself to get walked on by certain people in my life. I should expand that, but in the interest of being conscise, I wish I didn't bend over backwards to please the people around me, and that they'd just shut up and love me the way that I am already. Added to this is the way that I seem to use my body and sexuality to entertain a certain group of friends- I feel cheap, but I know I'm not going to start, because I'm a total attention whore.

4. Making 2005 almost entirely all about sex. That one word sums it up completely- sex was the motivating factor for a lot of the things I did this year- not that I regret ALL or even most of them- but maybe in the future, sex will be motivated by something else. Like new shoes. Or...Wednesday. (Wednesday is a great motivating factor for sex, right?)

5. Not going on vacation. 4 months in Saskatchewan is NOT a vacation.

6. Getting all hung up on a certain individual this summer, and then boring my friends with details. I'm sorry, guys- you knew I'd come to my senses eventually, but thanks for hanging on for the ride. I'd also like to mention that I regret being so damn hung up on the whole concept of online dating. Get over it,'s the new black.

Things I don't regret:

1. Concluding the first major paper I'd ever written and taken seriously with "Sustainable development is NOT the new black." I got an A. Screw you, stuffy university!

2. Taking the time to do the great Saskatchewan tour with Candice this summer. That time in Moose Jaw was really awesome. I miss you more than you could understand.

3. Spending a week's pay on those boots.

4. Telling a certain friend that he hurt me, and that he was the only person who'd ever succeeded in making me feel stupid. We're closer than ever, I think.

5. Going home for 4 months- I made some good coin, and spent some time with my parents. Boring, but a last chance to do so.

6. That whole incident leading to me being cut from a certain team we all knew so regrets!

I could list forever, but I think I'll cut it at 6 for each. I like things to balance. Besides- all the really juicy ones are too good to be splayed out on a blog. You'll have to force them out of me....(briiing briiiing...)