Monday, January 30, 2006

Adventures in Plumbing

Monday, January 30, 2006
Today, my only class was cancelled. After I hauled myself out of bed and to two group meetings, I decided I'd had enough for the day and headed home. It was such a nice day- some Diner Deluxe was clearly in order. Lauren and I moseyed on down to Edmonton Trail, and while the service was shady, the diet coke tasted like tonic water and acid, and one of the other customers looked like she'd had a face lift that morning, the food was awesome. Best bacon-cheese burger in town, I'd argue- and definitely the best yam wedges!

On my way home, the sun shining in the grimy car windows put me in the mood for some John Cougar Melencamp. JackFM obviously agreed, and supplied not only a little "Jack and Diane", but followed it up with some Springstein and then some Colin James. It was a good day, friends. I enjoyed a nap while the sketchy tree cutter-downer guys sawed and hacked away outside my apartment. The perfect Monday, you might say!

Things only got better- when I woke up from my napathon, I found the toilet backed up. We don't have a plunger. Neither do any of the other people living in our wing, apparently! I called Rez Services after begging Sarah to help me find someone, ANYONE with a plunger and failing... they told me Maintenance would be up to check on things asap. Fast forward 5 minutes or so, and a knock at the door is heard. Who is it?

Not Maintenance Mike, but Trevor Rempel, our RLC. Now, Trevor is a pretty cool cat- he's a friend of a friend, and after experiencing some uber awkward but hilarious conversation at parties (" do you feel about Winnipeg? The Rolling Stones? How old were you the first time you drove to Buffalo?") I have to say that Trevor is indeed an okay dude. An okay dude, but NOT a plumber!

All I needed was a plunger, I explained. He shows up 15 minutes later with a purple monstrosity looking NOTHING like any plunger I've ever seen in my whole life. This thing was a plastic accordion. If Barney and Friends needed to unclog a toilet, this is what they'd use! It didn't work. We couldn't figure it out.

So Sarah found another, traditional, oldskool plunger. We think we're in business. We're so not. How many former 4K'ers does it take to unplug a toilet? 3, and one to call her mom in Saskatchewan because we're clueless.

Thanks to Mrs. Hutton, we're totally in business. To do our business. Or whatever.

In other news, I'm pleased to inform you that Dorothy Hamil has been rocking the same haircut since the mid '70s. Pageboy on, Dorothy.


Laurel said...

Well Meg, I feel for you. If you recall, we had two floods this past year. Everything is good now - but it sure was hell before! Plumbing - you sure can't live without it.

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