Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday, January 15, 2006
Cell phones- a necessary evil? I just became the owner of one, after living without one for 4 years. I had one in grade 12, before the town I lived in actually had cell service. It was essentially useless, as everyone knew where to find everyone else at all times, and if they didn't, surely the person you were looking for would find you first.

But now I've got one. I don't have a snazzy ringtone- just a factory one that sound sort of like the title song from Sex and the City. I have maybe 13 numbers in the call list, and no one ever calls me on it. That was the case, at least, until today. I was enjoying the afternoon at Cafe Med, and while I was there, every single person I've ever known called. At least I had it turned OFF.

Last night, someone in the row in front of me answered her phone during a movie. WTF? Who do you NEED to talk to that badly? Who needs to talk to YOU that badly? Whatever happened to planning ahead? Being on time? Landlines? All went the way of the dinosaur, it seems.

Anyway, end rant, but let it be known that while I've joined the Nokia Revolution, I refuse to be one of those loud-talking, traffic-accident causing jerks.

At least for now.


kent said...

You should see what it's like at a movie theatre in India...especially during hollywood movies. It's like being on a bus or the middle of the street.

Let's start an anti-cell phone petition or something. I've heard some movie theatres transmit signals that actually block cell phones.

Meg said...

That's a genius idea, blocking cell phone signals. They should do that during lectures, too.

kent said...

But then profs wouldn't be able to say, "if a phone goes off, you owe me ten bucks" or "if a phone rings, I get one unlimited long distance call to the country of my choice." I've yet to seen a prof actually follow through on that threat, but maybe one day.