Friday, January 20, 2006

Dance Party!!

Friday, January 20, 2006
Sarah and I just got home from Tequila. It's 11:40, but in our defense, we were there for over 2 hours, and we were the very first people on the dance floor!! Some of the interesting things I observed:

1. It's been so long since I've been on the club scene. To give you an idea, back in the day, "dirrrty" was spelt with one R, and it was only starting to get hot in hurr.

2. It takes a strong man to pair a shiny red satin shirt with the blingingest belt buckle I've ever seen that spelled out "Big E". Sarah refused his request to dance- I can't imagine why!

3. My ears hurt. It must be a sign of old age. I wish they'd turn that music down...(old. I'm so old.)

4. Men are required to wear striped button down shirts. Women must all wear the exact same black tank top. Or lululemon pants- WTF! It's a club, not the gym. I don't see you doing any Warrior Poses holding that Vodka Slime, sweetheart.

5. An all-male dance off is so awesome to watch. Especially awesome when the opposing "team" was earlier taking pictures of each other and wearing ski headbands and shirts and ties. And "Big E" is kickin' their asses. I can only wonder what would happen if the vertical striped shirts had to face off against the horizontal striped shirts. MAYHEM!

At this point, I have to issue another apology to my brother. I came to the shocking realization that it's not HIM that's being a drunken yahoo- it's his entire peer group that acts that way. Carry on, sibbie. Carry on.

Anyway, we missed CSI, but we had a good time. At least I did. And there was a serious lack of management students there- always a good thing!!

On to the weekend!


kent said...

That definitely brought joy to my morning. Last time I checked, it was "derrty" and hot in "herre"? How old does that make me?

Meg said...

So old. "Can't touch this" old. Old enough to remember the Spice Girls?