Sunday, January 22, 2006

Recipe for Disaster

Sunday, January 22, 2006
Sometimes, what seems like a really stupid idea- really is a stupid idea. Take, for instance, combining a smirnoff ice with 2 shots of gin. Oh yes, the CNIB (Canadian Institue for the Blind) may indeed be the scariest drink I've ever encountered. Why would anyone choose to do that to themselves?!

The only thing we could think of last night to make them taste less like licking pine flavoured, Elvis endorsed, cheap cologne was to add a soy-based beverage. Again, what is a stupid idea in theory truly is stupid in practice.

Last night we celebrated Molly and Lauren's birthdays. Poor Molls was turning 20, and Lauren was entering the 21st of her years. I will not be surprised if neither of them remembers exactly what happend and where we ended up (the Bonasera Sports Bar on Edmonton Trail...home of the surliest, homliest bar wench I've met this side of the Atlantic). The drinks were watered down, the fries were never actually potatoes, and the clientel fought over the best VLT seat.

I did notice that the behaviour of a group of young adults when thrown together in a dive bar is just like watching something on the Discovery Channel. Mating rituals, Alpha Males, rejection of the weakest in the pack, "the bitter diva table..." (okay, maybe that last one is less Discovery, more Showcase). When it comes down to it, we're just naked animals.

And let it be known that cell phones are daaangerous. Dangerous. Never in my life have I had to try so hard not to call everyone in my phonebook.