Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Tuesday, January 24, 2006
So on my way to the periodontist (shaking fist angrily) today, for my 3-week skin-graft checkup, I followed a Hummer down 9th Avenue. The idiot driving swerved around, honked at everyone, and generally drove like a pro-athlete. The license plate this gent chose? "TTLXTC". I can guarantee that no one has experienced even close to partial ecstacy anywhere near the backseat, frontseat, or hood of that gas-guzzler. Not the way that jackass drives!

Today I was in a bit of a funk. I stopped by the Pumphouse to see my dear friend Amanda, who lost her pet this past weekend. I feel like a heel because I don't know if it was Loki or Arwen they had to put down, so from now on, every time I go to their place, it will be "oh, hello, Kitty!!"- but I digress. Anyway, I dropped some flowers off for Amanda, because she had a shitty weekend. While I was there, I got to pick out my (free!) seat for "Evita" on Friday. The D.G. will be there, and I will have a clear line of sight. Umm..that could be dangerous. So after scoring free tickets for a show I wanted to see anyway, I headed home, to watch the poll results of the election. I voted. I voted Liberal. So sue me, you Conservative bastards, and in 4 months, you just remember that you GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR.

Okay, so back to being in a funk- I admit to being a bit homesick. Not sick for home, just sick for a place with central vac, reliable heat, and food in the fridge. I'm sure that after Ski (er, Reading) Week, I'll be wondering "WTF?" about my little spell of "iwannagohometomama"...but for now, I made the ultimate comfort food...

Coleslaw. With oil and vinegar dressing. Someone, please, intervene. My version of comfort food is a salad. A nearly fat-free, calorie free salad.

To do tomorrow: Seek Psychiatric Counsel.