Sunday, February 26, 2006

First Rule of Fondue Club: Don't Lick the Fork

Sunday, February 26, 2006
My trip to Saskatoon was fantastic- I mean, nothing like spending 3 or 4 days with good friends, away from the stresses of home. From Karaoke to Martinis, Makeovers to the Mendell Art Gallery, Bridesmaid dresses to bingeing on ripple chips and fondue, it was a great time. (thanks, gallies!)

However, as with every good trip, I did learn some tragic things about myself, including my total, disgraceful ineptitude at fondue. How does one suck at fondue, you may ask? Well. Let me tell you, it's possible, and I have succeeded at it! Dropping things, losing what I was fonduing, slopping melted food products about my SEEMS so easy. Oh no, friends.

Oh, no.

I also learned that the following are inappropriate behaviours when in a Bridal shop:

- Dancing about, singing the "be our guest! be our guest!" song from Beauty and the Beast
-Propping the crinolined dresses up on the floor and loudly proclaiming, "see! it DOES stand on its own!"
-Standing in the middle of the store, shrieking because someone has called you with an update on the Curling game (however, I did make friends with a few dads that were there, against their will)
-Recanting a story of jilted brides left at the alter, or stories of divorce "before they even got the photos back!"
-any expression involving the words "this is cut up to the hoohaw!"
-trying out the tiaras, and then prancing about and spinning

We also discovered that Saskatoon may not be ready for this pickup line:

"Hey, how 'bout some sex and breakfast, Cowboy?"

At any rate, I have returned to the fair city of Calgary, buried deep under layers of snow- but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's so good to be home.


Tambo said...

Sounds like you clearly had a ridiculous weekend!

Meg said...

Oh, it was. It most certainly was ridiculous.