Monday, February 27, 2006

Have I permanently thrown off my groove?

Monday, February 27, 2006
I always know it's a rough day when I find myself listening to Bon Jovi, eating cold cereal with chocolate chipits tossed in, and desperately avoiding homework.

I'm suddenly not looking forward to marking exams. 3 short answer questions on 300 exams? How did I not realize that was equal to 900 questions when I agreed to this?! So much for my social life (scoff...what social life?) Oh, well, a reference from the Marketing Area Chair won't hurt, that's furshure.

*Shoutout to anyone writing the MKTG 317 Midterm tomorrow. Your grader gives extra marks for sass...keep that in mind!*

You know what I AM looking forward to? Box Office time at the Pumphouse, and then Doogie Howser time brought to me by the proceeds of working the box office. Huzzah, Doogie, we shall be together again!

well, this was a lame post.


Lady Rose said...

wow. Doogie Howser. Bon Jovi. Cereal with chocolate chips? That was a lame post. what kind of marketing student are you anyways? Or theatre participant for that matter! If you're in a funk I expect more from you Megan!! More whining, more moping, more self-hatred, more feeling sorry for yourself, something woman!

wow. that was a lame comment.

kent said...

"How Megan Got Her Groove Back"

I can see it now....

Carmabelle said...

I would pay to see that movie. I bet its WAY more interesting than Stella's epic tale. And sassier I bet.

kent said...

...and, being a Megan movie, it'd have a lot more sexy in it.

Meg said...

Yes, what a sassy, sexy, sparkly, and sarcastic movie that would be. As a matter of fact, it's in pre-production as we speak. I think the hardest part will be finding someone weird enough to play the role of "megan".

I promise, I'll get my groove back- and post anew, as soon as my hellish day of school is over (at 9:30 tonight...)

Carmabelle said...

Bah! I hate night classes! And I totally hate that you get to be done at 9:30. Little Miss "I'm a famous editor" just won't shut up until it is almost 10 after 10! DAMN IT WOMAN! No one cares THAT much about 18th century literature!

Tambo said...

You should take Mr. Patrick Harris out to dinner some time. Perhaps an epic road trip to find some fast food at an undisclosed location?

Just don't let him drive.