Monday, February 27, 2006


Monday, February 27, 2006
That Meredith Grey, she's quite the hussy. Poor George!

(Yes, you'd be correct if you are judging me for commenting on characters on a tv show. Bear with me, please- at the moment, Grey's Anatomy is one of the few joys of a dreary Sunday night.)

At any rate, I will now proceed with an open letter to Patrick Dempsey, heart of my heart.

Dear Patrick Dempsey,

Oh, how I loved thee in "Can't Buy Me Love". It is officially your fault that I have mad love for the nerds of this world, you cruel bastard. I've always wanted a white suede pantsuit, due to you. And, thanks to you, I have this complex involving nice, nerdy boys falling madly in love not with me, a nice, nerdy girl- but rather, the stunningly gorgeous girls with perfect hair and a body much like Jane Fonda, back in her thong leotard and legwarmers days. Oh yes, she'll end up on the cover of Playboy, and while I may not be able to compete with that, I beseech you, oh nerdy boys of the world, do NOT follow in the footsteps of your 80's movie king and make the same mistake! Do not overlook the nice, yet slightly unbalanced ladies! For while the Tiffanies and Jessicas and Stephanies and Brittanys may have great hair (jealous...) and a fantastic rear view, have any of them actually READ anything lately, besides the back of a Covergirl Compact? Do they know that Yoga and Yoda are not one and the same? Can they spell "vacuum"? Perhaps no.

I digress. At any rate, SeƱor Dempsey, you are still quite dreamy, but for godssake, man, get some sleep! Stop screwing around with that stick-girl! And for the love of all that is, eat a sandwich!

Love and kisses,

Megan Bailey

ps- Neil Patrick Harris, the same goes for you- except swap "white suede pantsuit" for "computer-based diary".


backstagebetty said...

Riding lawn mowers and telescopes have never been so sexy.