Sunday, February 19, 2006

Tag, you're It.

Sunday, February 19, 2006
Ten Years Ago
-I spent the summer in Hawaii with my family
-I went to Vegas for the first time

Five Years Ago
-I did the SLBP in Quebec City for the summer
-We performed "The Wall", winning the Region 6 festival and going to Provincials , where I won the Debbie Baker CHEER Award and an award for Acting Excellence
-We went to Hoopla (provincial basketball tournament), taking 4th place
- I was in loooove with the flavour of the week, most likely from Marengo (damn those Marengo boys...)

Last One Year
-Failed Finance 317
-got my first "A" in a University course
-Spent the summer in Eatonia
-Met Will Ferguson at the Saskatchewan Festival of Words in Moose Jaw

-Read Glamour magazine
-cleaned 3 bathrooms
-spent 45 minutes trying to get the dvd player to work
-had my gel nails removed (yeowch!!)

Five Yummy Things
-Retesh (mm, Hungarian dessert, and Dramnitzki family slang for...nevermind)
-Eatonia Catering Committee Roast Beef Supper, with broccoli-cauliflower salad
-Butter Chicken
-Hummus and Pita
-Chicken Souvlaki

Five Songs i know by heart
-"Tupelo Honey" Van Morrison
-"Tangerine" Led Zeppelin
-"Yesterday" The Beatles
-"Zak and Sara" Ben Folds Five
-"Don't Stop Believing" Journey

Five Things I'd do if i had money
-Start a scholarship fund
-collect art
-travel the world (how cliched.)
-pay off my loan!
-buy Doug and Lenore a vacation home in the destination of their choice
-fund a start-up business

Places I Escape To
-Kensington, specifically Higher Ground or Starbucks
-The Globe Theatre
-the Loft on Campus
-my bathtub

TV Shows
-CSI Las Vegas
-Grey's Anatomy
-What Not to Wear
-Sex and the City

5 Things I Can Live Without
-Vanity plates
-Talk Radio
-Backseat drivers

5 Favourite Ethnic Cuisines
-Greek (okay, Kent, it counts!)
-Ukranian/Hungarian (oh, Grandma Olga!)
-uhm, Italian or Thai

Alright. That was hard, but it definitely got my mind off the stressful day it's been.

I tag: Erin and Carmen XP


backstagebetty said...

All Done!!!

It strikes me that my life is lame. Frown-times

Carmabelle said...

I did it....and the enthusiasm behind the answers totally reflects the lack of enthusiasm I feel right now.

Anonymous said...

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