Friday, February 10, 2006

This Message is brought to you by the Number 2 and the letters "Late to call"

Friday, February 10, 2006
So, friends, I have to say that even I have a breaking point. In the event that you've never tried, I usually answer my phone at any and all hours of the night, even if I screen my calls like a bandit during the day. The reasoning behind this is that the only reasons to call someone really late at night are an emergency, a personal crisis, or a drunken hilarity. This morning at 5:22 AM, I, Megan Bailey, finally cracked.

Thus, let it be known that from today on, I am NOT answering my phone after 3am. No way. No how. If it can wait until 5 fricking thirty, it can wait until 8am. This message does not include IMMEDIATE family, pizza delivery guys, and any drunk dialing from friends I am out with at the time. However. No calls from boy-toys, flings, random crazies, people from school, long-distance friends or extended family members will be accepted between the hours of 3 and 7 am.

I'd also like to add that I broke the nail on my left middle finger (yes, flipping off someone), and it hurts like a mofo, and typing this was equal to the pain of getting woken up at 5:22 AM on a Thursday by a drunken nitwit that wants you to come over and cuddle.

Oh, and word. Go see our play, fools. It's called "Prisoner's Dilemma", and it shows at the Pumphouse until the 18th o' Feb. Call (403) 263-0079 for tix.


backstagebetty said...

AWWWW, but I ONLY call people at 4 in the morning. Damn you extended!!!

Carmen said...

erin, I don't know if you're considered extended family to megan ... so, you're safe. just don't ever call fro my house, cuz then for sure she won't answer because I don't even know what I classify under

backstagebetty said...

I'm pretty sure you're a "long-distance friend". Classification is fun!!!

Meg said...

Okay, Erin, you do classify as "immediate" family. Carmen, you're filed under "Vteam". I'll answer if you call, if you're lucky!