Wednesday, March 22, 2006

As Promised...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Okay, I'm back. What was I going to write about again?

Ahh, yes. Let's start with transit. I fondly remember, a few years ago, when they used the Route 9 bus to train new city bus drivers. While I am forever indebted to Calgary Transit for finding my wallet and keeping it safe during the "Walletgate" experience earlier this month, I have to say that it's never a good thing when one becomes nauesous on the city bus. Not because she's been drinking, or is sorrily hung over, or had some iffy curry. No, when one is jolted back and forth, to and fro, on the bus, wondering if she's somehow fallen into a rabbit hole and landed on the School Bus in 1992, on the way to April Stimson's ranch for a sleepover birthday party, and is currently winding down the gravel river hills road on a big, yellow, shock pad-less bus...that's not a good sign. I think the stop-start was what really did it. O transit, you are so convenient at times, and a total loser cruiser at others.

Okay. So, today I realized that big-haired girl in my class- she really deserves more credit than we all give her. I've had a few classes with her, and she's sweet, but I've always written her off as pretty ditzy. She's a member of the "A Team", with Ms. Cheekbones Bitch, and the 3-man self-stripe suit squad. She's like the odd woman out, for they never let her talk, never ask her opinion, and kind of hide her in the back. She's pretty, but they too have fallen into the "Her hair's too big, it must have take over part of her brain to compensate" trap. So, today, I decided that she deserves far more respect than I give her- her comments (when she was finally allowed to speak!) were logical, and while she's got huge confidence issues- word is, her family is LOADED, and she'll be in Law School before I get a real job.

On the other hand, Ms. Cheekbones really needs an attitude adjustment. I think this girl wrote, back in grade one, that she wanted to be a "cold hearted corporate ice bitch" when she grew up. Honey, you're well on your way. It does amaze me that you can walk in those heels with that yardstick shoved up your ass like that! Is that why you can't smile? Must be...or it'll come shooting out and Self Stripe with the rhyming name will lose an eye.

This is way too long. I'll blog tomorrow, I promise, about why I've sworn of Online Dating. Boo, finding a mate! Boo hiss indeed.


Meg said...

Hello again, I'm looking forward to hearing the online dating sotry. I have yet to hear a positive one of those... :)

Carmabelle said...

Meganroo, I'm pretty sure giving up online dating needs no justification. I swore it off a few months back...and then some dude messaged me (no pic = always a bad sign) and quel surprise! He's homelier than a mangy dog in a wet cardboard box. And I don't mean to be shallow here, especially since I often get the short end of the shallow stick...but he has more chins than my entire family combined. It was quite startling to see.
Anyways. Yeah. Swearing off online dating needs no explanation. We all know its an awful idea...but then secretly do it anyways.
Mucho hearts bebe!

Laurel said...

Being one who gets motion sick on basically EVERY bus trip I take, I feel for you!

Allan "Quick hands" Bailey said...

Don't worry, contrary to popular belief, online dating IS cool.

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