Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cohabitation Station!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006
Okay, am I the ONLY early-20-something that becomes ill at the thought of moving in with a love interest? Granted, my dates never make the 6-week cut, and I like to keep certain things (my home phone number, my middle name, my whereabouts 98% of the time, the number of other people I'm currently dating...) private. I also shudder at the thought of someone I'm over the moon for seeing how I ACTUALLY live. It's bad enough when friends come over, and see exactly what kind of hovel I currently inhabit, but a date? Oh god. Now, take that to the power of nine gazillion, and you have the exact expression of feelings that I have towards moving in with someone.

Friends that are moving in with their sig.oth., I apologize if I have offended you in some way- but really! Do you ALL need to move in together at the SAME TIME?! Geez, guys- so much for our "we're young! with disposable incomes! and a desire to stay out until tomorrow!!" attitudes?

Besides- I know for sure that if I moved in with someone, they couldn't put up with my 5 am phone callers.


Tambo said...

Phone calls that wake you up in the middle of the night should only ever begin with "I need your help", or "I'm naked and want you to come over right now."

The later should be from a member of the opposite sex. Unless you are into that. Then it's okay.

Meg said...

Oh, you would think so. (the two qualifiers for a middle of the night phone call, that is.)

But no. Apparently, it's kosher to call people about an hour and a half before they're going to get up, just to chat. Geez, some people's kids!