Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dance Dance!

Saturday, March 11, 2006
1.5 hours working in the Box Office
+5 hours bartending
+one saucy cocktail dress
+3 inch heels
+ backup shoes
- any pee breaks
+ a rolo ice cream cone for dinner
= A very tired Megan

I had so much fun tonight, volunteering, and socializing, and showing up at the Pumphouse looking quite trampy, instead of my usual wholesome self. I learned that more thespians have difficulty making eye contact than swing dancers. Swing dancers have sassier lines than thespians, and are usually better dressed. However, Thespians seem more likely to engage in deeper conversation.

Oh, and I got flowers! All in all...a goooood night.


Lady Rose said...
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Lady Rose said...

I told you, you should've ate that chocolate cone! think of the energy boost it would have provided!

Meg said...

this is true. The chocolate cone would have mad all the difference.