Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hand cramp!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006
I'd almost forgotten what it feels like to write so much (and by 'write', I mean 'handwrite') that your hand cramps up. I'm used to typist's elbow, and sore wrists, and of course, the text-book/exam writing slump in the right shoulder, but the hand cramp I had forgotten! Why was I handwriting, you may ask? Because I am so damn stubborn. I don't like using excel, and I hate using Word to draw diagrams. Thus, I handwrote my Marketing Research individual assignment. I'm sure my clever use of whiteout and looseleaf will be a novelty, and set me apart from my peers, earning me an A- Jack won't even have to read it! He'll take one look at my neat cursive script, slanting between those blue and pink lines, and determine that I am a genius.

Well, at least I got the assignment done- more than I can say for that Sales Management class last year!

I'm super tired, and I'm afraid that once again, I have little exciting to say. My feet hurt- I tromped through the slush and snow yesterday in heels, and now I have blisters on the balls of my feet. That's painful. What's worse, is that they weren't even my sexy shoes- the 'eff-me footwear' is worth blisters. The business in the front, business in the back black pumps? Not worth it. Why do we ladies even bother with the high heels? Oh, right. Because ankle-height hiking boots and flip flops look ridiculous with a business suit.

Oh well, I only slid down the hall in Professional Faculties once! Imagine that scene with Bambi on the ice (the deer, you gutter-minds!), pretend it's a 5'9 female in heels and a skirt, in a crowded hallway.

Let it be known, that when I eventually meet my untimely end, the words "She was as graceful as a one-legged cow" should be banished from the Eulogy. You have been warned, Eulogist. You have been warned.


Carmabelle said...

Haha!!! Megan, I just bought new shoes for the interview on Saturday. And while they are unbelievably cute and charming...I was practicing my high heeled teacher walk in the house yesterday and totally biffed. I tried to walk from the couch to my room looking graceful and professional, and the heel got stuck on the carpet and I got reaquainted with my kitchen table. It was hilarious. I'm sorry you missed it. And after telling this story, I would like to make a plea to shoe designers...Make cute flats for those of us who are either too tall already or are not so good with our OWN feet let alone our own feet on stilts!

Meg said...

Heels + Carpet = bad news. It's counterintuitive, but true.

I think the trick is to start in stripper-stilettos, and then work your way down to a respectable heel height. This is what I did, and it seemed to work, except in icy conditions, boozy conditions, or when there are cute guys in the same postal code as me.

kent said...

I haven't hand-written an assignment in years. History essay midterms on the other hand...serious hand-cramping going on.

I was always impressed by Mongolian girls who could walk on ice with stilettos...did I say walk? I mean run.