Thursday, March 02, 2006

Kiss the girl!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm proud to announce the engagement of mon frere (in the green tshirt) to Princess Ariel. (This is only problematic because she's currently married to Prince Eric, but we all know that those Disney characters have really loose morals...I'm sure Disney Divorce Court is fast and discrete. After all, we all know what comes after "Happily Ever After") I've always wanted a redheaded niece and/or nephew, and I'm super excited. Al, get on that.

I'd also like to shout to the world that I think one of my brother's friends is a total cutie-pants, but I'll never tell which one. (Click to enlarge the photo for a better view...I bet you can guess, Vteam. I bet you can guess!!)


Carmabelle said...

Ooooh! I know! I know!!! I can guess!
By the way, nice work Al. Kudos to both landing such a hottie trophy wife and also to landing such cute friends.
If you need help with the Ariel thing Al, I can totally get Eric off your hands. I mean come on! What are your sisters friends for after all?!

Carmabelle said...

Dear the guy with the yellow shirt,

You have the prettiest bangs I ever did see. No joke. Can you teach me to make my bangs sidesweep like that? I totally have the hair but am seriously lacking the skills. You rule at hair styling!

That girl you don't know who is friends with your friend's sister.

Allan Bailey said...

I'll pass your message onto Levi. He is indeed a male model (check out the Mode Models webpage for "Levi G."

On the other hand, he has never drank, never done drugs, and is pretty okay at life.