Thursday, March 30, 2006

Little Bits of Happy

Thursday, March 30, 2006
It's Thursday. While I look like I've been hit by a bus, and the trusty combo of pink bunny-hug and jeans may have done me well on monday, by the end of the week, it's looking a tad sag- I'm having a great day.

Today I bought pink gerber daisies from the AIDS/HIV charity table. I shared a beer with some good friends. I'm looking forwards to an appropriate dinner of a Peters' Drive In Milkshake and Onion Rings. I got a headstart on a paper that isn't due for a week. Sex and the City was on, and while it was an old episode (season 2?) I couldn't remember it. CSI Tonight!!!

SATC tangent: Last weekend, Lady Rose and Friends and I hit the BINGO at the West Hillhurst Community Centre. You might think that bingo is an inappropriate activity for a group of 20-somethings (me on the low end of 20-something, they're a little more mature), but it was fun. And on this episode, where do we find Carrie et al? At Bingo. Okay, so it was Drag Queen Bingo...but it was all about the "B12...Under the B, 12" nonetheless.

Tomorrow's Friday, and my school week is over. 8 more days of class to go...


RostockRose said...

"a little more mature..."

[snorts, then regains composure]

I do love a good euphamism.

Personal Development said...

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