Thursday, March 30, 2006

Post Cards, Pot, and Passive-Aggressive

Thursday, March 30, 2006
These are the things that greeted me today. In my mail, I had a postcard from the Lovely Angela Hartmaier, who is enjoying a vacation in Hawaii. Bitch.

Passive Aggressive is for how I don't like to be treated. If you have a problem with me, the way I behave, or the manner in which I conduct my daily life, please tell me. I'm about as observant as a brick wall. If something bothers you, please, do not hesitate to let me know- I'll likely take immediate measures to correct it! However, simply avoiding me, giving me the silent treatment, or going out of your way to do the opposite of what I'm doing to piss you off- not effective.

Pot! Or, I should say, Pottery! I am super excited to start my very first pottery classes at the end of April. Finally, a means of physical creativity! A way to express myself through a new medium! A chance to suck at something fantastically, and yet have ashtrays and small bowls for everyone I love for Christmas gifts!

I was nagged by three seperate people to create this blog post. I have managed to effectively skirt most of my emotional issues, not mention most of what is stressing me out, and blather on for a few paragraphs. I hope you're all satisfied!


Meg said...

Skirting emotional issues. Hell Meg, don't do that!!! What are blogs for? (indeed...cough cough)Go pottery - sounds like awesome fun - did some in the school summer program last year - totally therapeutic.

Al "You know it's true too" Bailey said...

This will be a great hobby that you are sure to stick with.


You woodburning kit, darkroom, going to the gym, playing guitar

Meg said...

Screw you. Dad sold that darkroom equipment. And my French Horn. And who are you to judge? I go to the gym a hell of a lot more than you do, punk.

backstagebetty said...

Maybe you'll meet patrick swayze at the pottery class. And then maybe he'll die. Or turn into leather, whatever it is that patrick swayze does these days.

backstagebetty said...

P.S. Can you make me a vase? Or maybe a fruit bowl? Or a pitcher? (Is that how you spell pitcher like for beverages, or just pitcher like for balls?)

dad said...

Megan... can't you ban Allan from this blog?

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