Friday, March 24, 2006

That Hour 6 Photo, and Vanity

Friday, March 24, 2006
Okay. I can't take anymore of this! The funk is totally brought on by the fact that Amanda has pictures of me in a sweatsuit I originally wore in Grade 7! I can't deal with the shame of the horrible Hour Six Doog-a-Thon picture ANYMORE!

Thus, please find two extrememly attractive pictures of me below. Please note that these are the ONLY pictures ever taken where I don't have 8 chins, my mouth gaping open with a clear view of my back molars, or a drink in my hand.

And yes, I took that nerdshirt picture myself, into a mirror. I was playing with my camera, and I wanted to see what would happen if I sprayed water on the mirror first. (I am lame. This is because I have no friends. Or do I have no friends because I am lame?)
So there, Amanda. Feel free to show these around, instead of that terrible jowly profile, where my eyes have glazed over and my ponytail has started to frizz.


Lady Rose said...

Wow. I had no idea that my posting an unattractive photo of you in a 10-year old sweatsuit would cause you to spiral into this uncontrolled depression.

I almost feel bad enough to take the photo down......almost.

Allan "Too hungover to be kind" Bailey said...

At least it wasn't your Josie Grossie picture. Which I still have several copies of.

For those who don't have the luxury of seeing this pic. Imagine braces, basketball uniform, socks on hands.

Allan "Now I'm just a jerk" Bailey said...

And on a side note, what did you expect out of splashing water on the mirror? Higher cheekbones??

I mean, did you think it would perfect your nose? This isn't Wacko's secret...

(In a high voice)
McCauley!!!!! Tell them I didn't do it! McCauley!!!! Let's splash some water on the mirror, you'll be enthralled by it's magical effects. McCauley!!!!!

backstagebetty said...

You are going to be just lilke Grandma when you get older. Every picture will have the same expression because you will stop noticing when people are taking pictures of you. Let me know when your camera starts pulling to the right.

Dad said...

Here's a pic of Megan's dad to see if there is any genetics at work

Dad said...

click on the Dad to get to the website

Meg said...

It's totally the genetics.