Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bermuda Shorts Day

Thursday, April 13, 2006
This morning at 11:20 am, I handed in my very last Haskayne School of Business Group Project. While I have 2 months of school left, it felt damn good to wash my hands of the Biz Skool and their ridiculous group assignments. No more!

Today is Bermuda Shorts Day (BSD), and a celebration of the last day of class. I have class, which I'll actually attend, at 2. As I find myself without any more homework, I've been sitting around all morning like a chump. If I go to the beer gardens, I won't make class, and I really need to go.

This evening, I plan on not going to the bar. I think I'll hit some friends bbq's, hopefully, and then maybe call it a night. I'm lacking in enthusiasm for the revelry- BSD was great in first year, but I think that the appeal is wearing off.

I see throngs of drunken assholes, with Sharpied-Yourself Wifebeater Tanktops, leis, and shorts. It's April, and chilly, people. Put on a sweater! I can't get behind the drinking before noon, nor can I get behind the wasting of money on beer when I have a perfectly good case of Corona chilling in my fridge...and whoever was blasting the muzak at 7am, thanks. THANKS A LOT.

In summary, the only people outside whooping like ya-hoos are first years, and those graduating that can't bear the idea of life beyond university.

Happy BSD.


RostockRose said...

Ah Bermuda Shorts Day! The best time I ever had on that particular "holiday" was the year I went despite the fact that I wasn't a student at the UofC. I hung out with friends, followed Lady Rose's "Itenerary of Fun" including Kite Flying (ask her about the "cleavage = tolerance" incident) and chalk drawing on the (former) Elbow Room patio.

Trust me, it's way, way better when you're trying to reclaim a university identity you only barely had in the first place.

So... next year, see if we can get hammered under the chicken before campus 5-0 catches wind?

Meg said...

I'm totally down for getting sloshed under the chicken as an alumnus. It's a date!

Lady Rose said...
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Lady Rose said...

campus 5-0? oh, the slow head shake.

Anyways, my favorite part of BSD is how the music provides a stellar movie background to cool walking. You know, those engineers are always blaring hip 70's funk rock and you're all walking along to a class with your sunglasses on and you realize you're walking to the beat and your hips start swaying and you're suddenly the star of a hip sneaker commercial.

le sigh. those were the days.

Carmen said...

yay for being only finals away from being done an entire degree! high fives all around!!

kent said...

Too bad you couldn't make it to the BBQ. Maybe when you're done classes in June?

Al "The Kids Are Alright" Bailey said...

On the other hand, the cool Bailey did this:
6:00AM Alarm rings
6:04AM Phil knocks on door, beer in hand, head towards showers with beer in hand. Down two in the shower. (Two showers people, we didn't share)
6:30AM PARTY ALARM!! Head to Mike's with beer and blast music, waking all in my shorts, beater, and leig.
6:45AM Go to wake up my floor and Phil's floor.
7:00AM Back to Mike's, beer bong confiscated
7:30AM Go serve pancakes with the student government.
7:45AM Realize I'm probably breaking health safety standards. Grab megaphone and parade through each residence building, waking all.
8:45AM Return to the breakfast, cat-call all.
9:30AM See Megan, cat-call her. Intelligent conversations are a no-no around pancakes.
10:00AM Go hit BS-DEE-HAW, Phil's beer bong.
12:30PM Stumble to beer gardens.
1:35PM Head towards Scurfield.
2:00PM Final presentation for COMS363. I got an A.
3:15PM Back to the beer gardens.
4:30PM Head back to cheap beer in residence.
5:30PM Take a nap
6:38PM Head towards the bus for the bar
7:25PM Arrive at the bar, continue drunkeness.
9:30PM Superfreak! Superfreak! Dance with random drunk hotties.
11:30PM Crashing, head home.
12:30AM Arrive at home, find sober driver. Head for Wendy's
1:15AM Head to Mike's with two JBC's and spicy chicken fillet. Watch an episode of Law and Order.