Thursday, April 27, 2006


Thursday, April 27, 2006
For only the second time in a few days, I'm remarkably relaxed. There's no doom or deadline hanging over my head (well...that's a lie, I have to have those exams graded for Monday. But it's only Thursday! Loads of time!), no one is being all "up in my grill", and I got to make an incredible mess this evening, with clay and water and a wheel...oh, so much fun.

I'm well known for launching myself passionately into a new hobby, and then losing interest quickly when I realize that I suck terribly at it. I suck at pottery. I'm fantastically bad. But apparently, that is the norm, and I'll just keep making really big messes, and screwing up right at the very last moment, when I was almost done making something that you could actually identify as a shape or prism-type object known not only in Megland, but studied in other parts of the world, too. Like, a cylinder.

But I digress. Anyway, the last few days have been a mess of moving, examining, moving, packing but no unpacking, and changing of phone numbers. I'm truly looking forward to Robert's "Springtime in Paris" cocktail party tomorrow night.

OH! And, did I mention that someone I know killed someone else? On purpose? In an incident that didn't involve farm machinery? Yeah, that triple murder in Medicine Hat...his family is from Bugtussle, too. Weird.

This has been a crappy blog post. Signing off, with what remains of my very scattered brain...


kent said...

Must've been the fact that the post was made at exactly 11:11 PM. That's scary if you ask me.

It dawns on me every few minutes that I really need to stop telling myself that I'm done. A group project still needs attention, yet there is no motivation to do it.

Alas, it'll be done tomorrow and hopefully I can enjoy the 24 degrees, instead of hanging out in Scurf talking about America's Next Top Model or ethnic group is the best (seriously).

So that ends the comment about nothing....

Lady Rose said...

Seriously Megan, you really didn't suck that badly. I mean if you want to feel that way you can but you weren't too bad. Were you paying attention to the other first-timers? Most of them couldn't make anything other than a blog. Your thing had a shape. A shape is better than no shape!

Meg said...

Aww, thanks, LR! I did enjoy it, regardless of skill level...and true, I didn't suck as badly as the OTHER Megan in the class.