Sunday, April 09, 2006

Goodbye, Funk.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

It is with absolutely no regret whatsoever that I announce the death of a long despised, yet constant presence in my life- the Funk. For 3 weeks, the Funk was the greatest influence on my mood, my actions, and my blog. Born in the gray of late winter, the Funk had a slow-building youth, gradually gaining power until the peak of its existence on Monday, April 3. The Funk met its timely end on Friday, April 7th, ushering in the dawn of a new era of Megan, a new season, and a new hair style.

The Funk was predeseaced by the Christmas Slump, the Flu, Mononucleosis, and the Spring Break In Mexico That Never Was.

The Funk will be missed by alcohol merchants, sadistic blog readers, the green polar fleece sweater, and evil professors. In lieu of flowers, Crave Cupcakes or Butter Chicken, donations to the BSD Par-tay Fund will be accepted in the form of hoots, hollers, and good times.

Photo: Celebrating Lack of Funk at YEDD. (Credit goes to Amy Dedeluk for taking such a great picture, and my ingenuity for stealing it from Facebook.)

Okay, I'll still accept donations of Butter Chicken.

Okay, and Crave Cupcakes.

Alright! Flowers are okay, too.


kent said...

This is outstanding.

Where can I send the butter chicken?

Laurel said...

Okay... so I LOVE the hair and I think your outfit is pretty damn hot too! Hear is a "hoot" and a "holler" in lieu of the anti-funk movement. I'd send you some Butter Chicken and cupcakes, but I am afraid they wouldn't last too long in the hands of Canada Post.

backstagebetty said...

awww, I'll miss the green fleece.

We shared some good times green fleece. RIP

RostockRose said...

Farewell, Funk, we'll miss you so.

Hello, Fank, show us what you got.

Caitlin said...

Yowza Megan, you look hot. Love the dress! ~JODHPURS!!!~

Meg said...

Aww, JOHDPURS! I'm flattered!

Anonymous said...

Oh Meg you look fah-bu-lous!

The slide into 30 is certainly looking v. far away at the moment...who knows, we might hit it together!

Am planning our first weekend in Spain when we are both you know where, you know when.

In the mean time, let's start that import export biz of Canuck cowboys for Aussie blokes - we need fresh blood!!!!

Anonymous said...

dude looks like he's sporting an almost boner...?