Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hop 'n Brew

Saturday, April 01, 2006
I wonder, sometimes, if I went wrong somewhere along the line.

This sense of responsibility- I always feel required to be in control. To take charge, make sure everyone is looked after. I've been the designated driver longer than I've actually held a license. True, if I'd suck it up, take a cab, or get on the bus, I wouldn't have to worry about driving home. But then coordinating a ride home for everyone, sharing taxis, and making sure someone isn't left puking all over the bathroom is a larger task.

Did I miss out on something? The sum of my teenage rebellion: Not taking Physics. I remember some of the worst trouble I ever got into was when I came home at 4:30 in the morning in Grade 9.

I'd been out with the SADD group, as a designated driver ride-along for the Town Christmas Party. We got lost driving someone out to their farm, and in the days before cell phones, we had no way to call home and let them know we were going to be late.

I've got nothing to contribute to a conversation about a mushroom high. I've smoked pot a grand total of probably 4 times. Oooh, wild child over here. I don't drink in excess, I don't jaywalk, I obey transit laws.

What would happen if I didn't drive? If I got totally gunned, dropped all kinds of substances, and didn't give a shit about how I or anyone else got home? What if I was the drunken, stoned ya-hoo yelling at the pizza guy? Would it be fun? Or, deep down, is this sense of responsibility, the desire to maintain a sense of decorum about myself- is it so deeply ingrained that I'll never let it go?

I guess I'll never find out- I'll forever be the DD- the only one who remembers all the stories, but wasn't a part of them.


Evil Cousin said...

The trick is you have to party with people more anal than yourself, and have the first drink before they do. That'll force them to realize that they can't rely on you that evening...


Caitlin said...

Wow Megan... this post really resonates with me. The most rebellious thing I ever did was refuse to take band in Grade 12. And I've NEVER smoked pot... this puts me at the absolute bottom end of the wild child spectrum!

It's not too late for us! Next time we see each other, we should do something ridiculously rebellious to shock the world... they'll never see it coming!

Carmabelle said...

Haha. I think its why we love each other so much...and by we I mean the whole V-team. We aren't wild childs (Here, I rebel against English) and that works for us. I never felt the need to do anything stupid and irresponaible in order to have a good time. But even I must admit, that on feels pretty damn dorky to think reshelving a book in the library is a major offense.
Okay. I'm definitely a loser.

L-diggs said...

Megan, you gots ta get D-RUNK Levy style. Put the M signal up in the sky and letter rip. And dude, suffice to say, the night of "fuck u of c, lets get stoned and eat chicken fingers" was one of the highlights of my first year, and you were in it in the flesh friend. And like the dude man, I can find a cab as long as it isn't playing the Eagles.