Monday, April 24, 2006

Important Lessons

Monday, April 24, 2006
Things I Learned Today:

-Mulit-Vitamins are not a food substitute.
-When you are uncertain as to which day, exactly, you're going to move out of your crappy apartment, don't pack the kitchen stuff first, or you'll find yourself eating vitamins for breakfast.
-Women's clothes are much harder to take off another person than yourself, particularly if the other person is a mannequin with no head or arms. However, playing the world's best and biggest game of Barbie-doll dressup, with a lifesized decapitated, limbless doll, when you're 22, ROCKS.
-I only screw up cash-out at the Pumphouse.
-Don't sing show tunes. Even if you think you're alone, just don't do it.
-UltraHeadacheRelief Tylenol does, indeed, relieve headaches. But don't take it and then try to nap- it containes a lot of caffiene. Coming from a coffee fiend- trust me. LOTS of caffiene.
-Bruises caused by Rubbermaid totes make you look like you've been beaten about the knee area.
-I don't know how to spell "caffiene"
-Moving sucks.
-The song "Hallelujah", written by Leonard Cohen, is actually better when performed by Jeff Buckely. None of the versions by Bob Dylan, Rufus Wainright, or even Leonard himself really stand up to ol' Jeff. Rest his soul.
-All the Hot "J" Musicians are dead. Jimi, Jim, John, your back, John Mayer. Watch your back.

I hope the above are on my exam tomorrow. I really, really do.


Carmabelle said...

~GASP~ NOT John Mayer!!! Anyone else! You can take Ja Rule, Jesus Jones, even Jay-Z...but not JOHN MAYER!

Meg said...

OR Jack Johnson. He must stay. Or it will be a decidedly un-mellow Megan that develops.

Carmabelle said...

Yes. Jack and John should combine forces...and become Jahn. Or Jock. hahahaha. Jock for sure.

Meg said...

oh. And lest we forget Janis Joplin- while she was neither hot nor male.

Pumphouse Staff Member "A" said...

You were only $20 off... that's an easy fix. The bar till has a bad habit of being off $2.37 or some other completely random, and totally inexplicable, number.