Friday, April 07, 2006

Let's all go to the Lobby!

Friday, April 07, 2006
Joey Joe Joe Joe took me to see "V for Vendetta" this evening. What a killer movie! That was some totally awesome blowing of stuff up, and Natalie Portman is such a hottie. Jealous!

In other news, tomorrow, (well- actually, it's after midnight, so I guess it's already tomorrow) this baby right here will be celebrating her birthday.

Hey, wait. That's me.


Meg said...

..Happy birthday Megan! have a gorgi-oso day. An Aries, no wonder you're so feisty...

Carmabelle said...

Two things, Meganroo.
First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it is the bestest birthday yet. (You know I'm serious when I have such a violent disregard for the English language)
and SECOND, I was singing that "Lets all go to the lobby" song ALLLLL day yesterday! HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?! Creepy. Weird. Etc.

kent said...

Happy Birthday, Megan. Have fun getting drunk at YEDD.

backstagebetty said...

Dear Megan:

Happy Birthday and I love you.

<3 Erin

P.S. As a baby, you had an enormous head.

Anonymous said...

Hey Megan, Feliz Cumpleanos! Have a great day and kick-ass night..don't worrie, you'll have the weekend to recover.

Your cuz, Kelly Bailey

RostockRose said...

Happy B-day Megan.

You're still in the "enjoyment" decade so revel in the fun.



Laurel said...

My - what tiny feet you have!
Happy Birthday! (check your mail)

Meg said...

Thanks, everyone!

For the record, I STILL have a huge head!

Evil Cousin said...



IT'S... gigantic...