Friday, April 21, 2006

"Some Show" by Some Company

Friday, April 21, 2006
Okay, so I got myself into trouble by commenting on a play I saw last weekend, so this time, I'll play it safer. This evening, I enjoyed a performance of a "tale as old as time" at the Pumphouse with my friend Kevin. You know, it well exceeded my expectations. Bryan was a very enthusiastic spoon. The costumes were lovely, the set was...typical...the songs were of standard community theatre caliber.

I hope that didn't offend anyone. Seriously. Because if you know me at all, you know I'm all about "backpedalpbacpedaldigupdigup!!!", and I don't like conflict.


uber, uh... kevin. said...

The whole point of the book/film/play, is that no-one ever really "gets" anything, except pretty girls and handsome princes. Nothing ever is a [sic] great as we want it to be*, and we're all left wondering: Is reading, eating soup and ballroom dancing all that there is? What, in terms of fancy dresses, do we really want out of life? And is a castle full of talking housewares what we really need? Oh -- and also, did you see my vest? See my vest? Made from real gorilla chest!

I think you need to see it again, and this time, try to pay attention.

* (see above exception for the attractive, although they may have to suffer a bit in the middle)

(PS: This Wikipedia article is hilarious! "The typical African gorilla (there are several subspecies) is roughly man-sized and hence the hide from a single animal would be sufficient to make the vest which Burns values so highly.")

Miss Canthus said...

Safe is boring. Safe is bland.

You had an opinion and you presented it well. Someone took offense but you argued intelligently.

Please don't think you need to go through life trying to please everyone. It will never happen.

ubershmoo said...

I reacted poorly to someone's opinion, an opinion that they are totally entitled to, and promptly got my ass handed to me. That and my grammatical/spelling errors aired right out. Thank you for the lesson in humility. I'm going to go have a good cry now.

Lady Rose said...

a first Megan? You made someone else cry?!

I can just feel your guilt....

Meg said...

oh god, you know me far too well.