Sunday, April 23, 2006

"What's wrong with Executive Compensation?"

Sunday, April 23, 2006
I have one exam left this semester, in MGST 493: Corporate Governance and Control. Thrilling, I tell you. Last night, I was working box office for Ground Zero at the Pumphouse, and I took some of my notes to study while waiting for the patrons to show up. I'm reading through a journal article titled as above, taking some notes and trying to focus on an extrememly boring topic.

I look up, and am surprised to see one of the ushers staring at me. Then she asks me, "well? what IS wrong with executive compensation?"

Look, Lady. I have to read it. I have to grasp it. I have to be able to spit it out and answer 50 multiple choice questions about it on Tuesday. But I sure don't have to explain it to you- particularly as you're one of those airy-fairy, spacey arts types. And for future reference, a billion is, in fact, larger than a million. Just so you know.

Please. Just hand out programs, and leave me alone.

Oh, and I think it's hilarious that this morning, I called the parent of one of the kids my parents have in Europe, to see if they knew what time their flight got in to Saskatoon today. I sound just like my mother- so much that family has difficulty telling us apart on the phone- and when Marla answered, she was quite freaked out that "Lenore" was calling, since Lenore has her daughter on a trans-atlantic flight from a foreign country as I type this.


backstagebetty said...

Hey Megan!!!


I have 9 pages and 2000 words of essay done. That means only 1 more pages, possibly 2 though because I have a lot more to say.

I need to take a break, it's 3:30 in the morning and my back hurts.


RostockRose said...

Theatre life is sure wierd. You've got the actors, who don't really want anything to do with the technicians and wish they'd stay out of the way, the technicians who think they're way better than the box office people and think they can order them around, the box office people who think they're way better than the volunteers and get irritated when the volunteers get too far into their "grill" and the volunteers who, despite the fact that everyone seems to revile them, continue to participate. Having served in all the above mentioned functions I can honestly say I've experienced all those feelings. Knowing that, as an actor I hate when techs try to be all chummy despite not having been a part of the months of rehearsals, I still find actors irritatingly stand-offish when I'm a tech.

Another oddity - theatre needs volunteers but frequently can't stand the people who do volunteer - partly I think because those people want to be theatre people but lack the charisma/talent/skill/whatever necessary to be part of the inner circle for that production. (I volunteer for a pro company and silently envy the insiders even while being vaguely uncomfortable around those who volunteer for my community shows.)
Is this a catch 22? Or are there legitimately human volunteer types that want to volunteer for a night or two of a show, but nevertheless aren't interested in being any closer than that?

And for that matter, what *is* wrong with executive compensation?

(tee hee)

Meg said...

You've got a point, there, RR. Theatre is about "haves" and "haves not"- or I guess, the "is"es and "isn't"s. Is in the show. Is on the tech crew. Is dating/married to/used to date/hates someone in the play. And all the Isn'ts that follow.

The funny thing is, that with this GZ show, I fell NO attachment, or desire, to the actual play. I don't care about the company, nor do I want to get any more involved than I currently am. I'm extrememly guilty, however, of leaping on the "INCLUDE ME!!!" boat, and I'll admit, I really, really, not-so-secretly would love to identify myself as one of the "in crowd" at the theatre- the space, not the company.

Amanda, that's not why I stalked/badgered/made you pitty me until you caved/forced you into being my friend, though. Just so you know. I have other reasons.

kent said...

Corporate Governance sucks ass.

That's right, I said it.

Meg said...

yes, yes it does. Why do we have to take this, again?

Oh, and it might have helped if our prof hadn't spent the last few weeks in Europe. Listen, buddy, if I have to be here, you should be here, too.

Lady Rose said...

ohmigod. I feel like I was badgered/threatened/forced into being your friend becuase of my tenous connections to the theatre community.

Clearly at the time you didn't understand my back of the bus status! I may be in but nobody likes me there!!

Meg said...

I like you there! The Back of the Bus is fun. Bumpy, smells kinda funky, but the cool kids always got to sit at the back.

What the hell am I talking about? I didn't ride the bus to elementary/high school. The school was 15 feet away, for godssake.