Sunday, May 14, 2006

Frustrated, log 9.

Sunday, May 14, 2006
At what point is it too much?

When do you get to say stop? I've had it?

Is it when you can't listen anymore? When you can't think of any more excuses why you should try to get along with someone, try to listen to their opinion, or see things from their point of view? Is that just giving up, or do you actually reach a point where you just don't care? When do you get to tell a friend-of-a-friend to get lost, particularly when they assumed your rank in the friend zone?

I've tried to be nice, really. And not that fake, "ooh, look at my big smiley face I'm not really listening to you but look at me smile!" nice. I've gone out of my way to hold my tongue when I knew I would meet disagreement. I've taken interest in things I don't give a flying frog about (organics, puppetry...). But I've had it. I'm so glad that a few months apart are looming, because truly, I could not hold in my disdain for this situation anymore.

In passing, I know I incorrectly used a logarithmic reference, but I'm a Bcomm student. I don't give a damn.

Oh, and, just for the record, the Holy Trinity of Ponsy Performing Arts is officially as follows:

Interpretive Dance
Spoken Word Poetry
Experimental Jazz

Call me a philistine if you will, but I know what I like, and it ain't that.


RostockRose said...

And don't forget, those special two words that can turn any potentially non-ponce show into a total whine-and-cheesey: "collective creation"

kent said...

Hey, what's wrong with interpretive dance? It got my friend and I 2nd place at the Rez talent show.

Or did i completely misunderstand what you were saying? A lack of food does that to you, as I'm sure you know.

Oh, and you don't have to be nice to everyone...only the ones that promise to bring you channa masala and butter chicken.

L-diggs said...

For the record:
a. the plane did not crash, as i´m obviously still reading this blog
b. i find this entry intriguing... dear megan, i hope it´s not me that you´re glad to be rid of for a while... (insecurity raises its ugly head) and if it is well, there you go...
c. even if you were sick of me and my squatting entourage, i still miss you... heterosexual life partner doesn´t do it justice entirely...

I´m outtie, mexi style

Meg said...

Oh, no, Lauren-totally not you. And I'm glad your plane didn't crash- that Swedish Posturepedic, while not uncomfortable...not something I'd steal.