Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jiggidy Jig

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Home again, home again.

After adding up grades for those bastardly exams I marked yesterday, I made the 420 km trek home to Eatonia. Now, I opted to take the highway, because my dad called and told me that they were calling for rain, so a shady backroad might not be the best route. That's okay, the highway home (the number 9, if anyone is wondering) isn't so bad, they haven't started construction season yet, and on Monday night, there aren't so many trucks on the road.

Except for the last 46 km. Now, Caitlin can vouch for this, but HWY 44 from the Alberta/Saskatchewan border is the WORST highway in all of Saskatchewan, possibly all of Canada, and even all of North America. Hands down. It's a veritable maze of potholes, gravel patches, no shoulders, narrow stretches, and deer. Oh, the deer. Ever notice how everything in Saskatchewan is the exact same shade of grey-beige? Lovely. The deer blend right in. But even they don't like the highway.

I wonder if it's the SK government's last-ditch effort to keep people from leaving the province. It's hilarious- you can actually SEE Alberta, because the road goes from a pock-marked goat trail to a smooth, wide highway. You can feel the difference instantly... "Oh, I'm home." It's like the government decided, "well, if we can't keep them in with lack of job opportunity, provincial sales tax, and shitty, shitty weather, well...I guess we'll have to keep them in by force and sheer neglect of the road out. That'll learn 'em."

Well, you bastards, I beat you out. In a few short months, I'll have to turn in my green plates, my wheat license, and my Flatskachewan health card. I'll miss you, and I promise to come back...



kent said...

It's like going from my town into the US border town...the road goes from perfect to craptacular.

Caitlin said...

Oh Megan... I drove that road once and ran away in fear. My apologies that my place of employment neglects the E-tone area so. But you are absolutely correct, Highway 44 is the worst highway in Saskatchewan, bar none. They're fixing it around Greenan though, so maybe they'll move westward! We can only hope.

Meg said...

aha! I knew it!

I miss you, Brahoun. Maybe we should plan another girls' trip to Edmonton, except this time, I won't yahong all day and miss the mall.

Caitlin said...

Aww, I miss you too hun! We should try to work something out for this summer. I think we've learned the fine art of pacing ourselves for the next time we hit the bar on our girlie trip.

In passing, "yahong" is a truly great word.

Carmabelle said...

This post brought me great joy...I even shared it with mine papa. You slay me, Meganroo.
And now I am going to sit in my office (where it is 50 below) and eat a litre of soup. Yeah...thats right. A LITRE!

Allan "My Time In Exile" Bailey said...

Saskatchewan is the only place where you don't hit the ditch, you swerve into it because it is likely smoother. Now I've never hit the ditch on that highway.... has anyone here?

"Careening through the universe, your axis on a tilt, you're guiltless and free, I hope you take a piece of me with you"

Meg said...

I've totally hit the ditch on that stretch!