Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Tuesday, May 23, 2006
MacHall is a much more pleasant place during Sprummer. The seething masses that usually loudly inhabit the building have gone to work at daddy's office, or are on some kind of sick permanent summer vacation, or are working at the mall. There's lots of table space, and a kind of quiet, calm air about the building. Thank god- because in my current state, I couldn't handle any more trauma/drama/emotional activity!

I blame pharmaceuticals. I also blame the fact that I am unemployable, easily panicked, and currently very, very unstable. Oh, future! Why have you forsaken me?! What the hell happened?!

I feel like I just woke up from a 4-year acid trip, whereby Alice the Honour Roll Student becomes Megan the Coasting through Life and Soon to be Not a Student. Amanda, you were totally right, the quarterlife crisis exists, and man, it is fierce.

High School Grads- be warned. 4-7 years from now, however long it takes you to finish that undergrad, you'll find yourself pathetically lost, in debt, and potentially homeless. Oh, and that dress you spent an atrocious amount on, but the saleslady told you that you'd definitely be able to wear it again?

You won't. AND, 6 months after grad, I bet you it won't even fit.

Here's to a lifetime working at the 21-44 in Eatonia!



Lady Rose said...

ah yes, the quarterlife crisis. She packs quite the wallop.

I wish I had words of wisdom to help you through it all. I made it through with chain-smoking and copious amounts of ice cream. I don't recommend that route if you want to wear that dress again though.

kent said...

Now that is a positive outlook on life if i've ever seen one.

I was in the library today and couldn't believe how quiet and empty it was.

The only answer to the unemployability question is to do something that makes you employable. Can anyone say CIDA?

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