Thursday, May 18, 2006

Summer Class Pet Peeves

Thursday, May 18, 2006
I'm taking an obscene number of spring session courses, which means I enjoy a lovely 24 hours of lecture a week, in blocks of 3 hours. To prevent me from going nuts and raging my terror over my classmates, please abstain from the following behaviours:

1. If you are going to monopolize the conversation and discussion in class, don't mumble. Please don't actually cover your mouth with your hand and then talk. Particularly if you are "correcting" the instructor, who clearly knows nothing- that's what those three little PhD letters mean, right?

2. On that note, just shut up. If you think you know everything, why are you there? Why not save us all the agony and just get a "WHY I"M THE SMARTEST!" Blog.

3. Don't show up for class in a bikini and short shorts. C'mon, people, yes, it's hot. But I still need to learn, and I don't want to be gawking at your cellulite and blotchy self tan while I'm trying to contemplate feminist issues in antiquity.

4. If you're going to be late...don't show up mid-cell phone conversation, and then sigh audibly about the fact that the prof DARED to start on time, and didn't wait until you showed up 45 minutes late.

5. This really goes more to the people on transit- but I find it really un-nerving when, on the bus, the person behind me leans forward and sniffs me. Weird.


Carmen said...

I had a mumbler who covered his mouth while talking in class. You could actually count the seconds into his sentence when he would cover his mouth. The only difference about my experience was that the prof didn't know what he was talking about; but at least he knew more than said mumbler!

kent said...

Great quote from today:

"It's like some people sign up for classes to re-affirm their godliness."

-Guy from my history class questioning why people take a class in a subject they already know everything about.