Tuesday, June 06, 2006

And ANOTHER thing!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Please take notice, as this is one of those things that irritates me about Calgarians.

Almost as much as people that stop breathing when they sleep...but not quite. That still irritates me the most.


Carmabelle said...

Oh no!!! I am one of those people that stops breathing when they sleep. Hell, I stop breathing when I'm awake!
I can't help it! Damn you APNEA! First you were just costing me valuable sleep time....but now you are costing me friends?! NOT FAIR!

Meg said...

That's it, Carmen. We're through. I thought I could love you, but I just can't.

Please learn to breathe all 24 hours of the day.

Carmabelle said...

NOOOO!!! I can change!! I'll do it for you!! WHY YOU WANT TO LEEEEEAVE ME?!?!?
What if I bake you a cake for every hour I don't breathe?!? Then will you come back to me?!?!

Meg said...

Hm. Cake.

Cake is good for Megans.

Lady Rose said...

That's so funny, for years when I was a kid I thought it was Princess Island Park...I was really disappointed when I found out the real name. I kind of felt like my mom had been gyping me all those years...I thought it was a park for princesses.

l diggs said...


i miss you. i miss ali[s awesome kitchen for christ's sake. i read the da vinci code, so i've pretty much broken every rule i ever had for myself. i'm not terminally ill but... here it comes... please don't leave me. and if you should have to, please burry me with it in prince's island park...

ps. i would love you forever if you paid my library fees before june 16. pretty please, and then i could keep the last three books.