Thursday, June 01, 2006


Thursday, June 01, 2006
I suppose I should clarify my last post.

Thinking about it, it's extremely gauche of me to mock that girl, in all her 14yearoldness. I was her, was what feels like half a lifetime ago (okay, so technically, it's like, a third of a lifetime ago. I'm sure in 8 years I'll look at this blog, if it still exists, and go "gawd! I was such an eejit!), but I still remember how it felt.

I have an army trunk full of spiral-bound notebooks from that time in my life. Maybe that's why I dig this blog thing so much- it's like writing in a journal, except people read it. I can't hide from what I say, and I try not to censor myself. I have to own up to my feelings, something that might come easier with age- but then again, I can't burst into tears in the girls' locker room anymore. (I save that for Denny's, parking lots, and the privacy of my shower...)

Growing up was hard. I remember most what the hurt felt like- hurt for no reason at all. I still remember the pain and shame of the "brad hayes incident" of 1998/99. And of 2001. Oh, and before that, in 1996. Thank god that most of you blog readers have no clue who that is...but it still hurts, a little.

Like a bad bikini wax...

Anyway. I digress. I guess what I really wanted to get across in my last post was that while I've been feeling lately that my life is basically completely down the tubes, at least I'm not 14. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.


kent said...

Clarification: how is your life down the tubes?

I implore you to think long and hard about that one.

Meg said...

Clarification: Unemployed, Graduating, Soon to be homeless, with less than 400 dollars to my name. Oh, plus that whole work-school thing.

And the tension between certain family members doesn't help, either.

Miss Canthus said...

You are looking at it the wrong way. Try this:

Unemployed = opportunities to explore many job possibilities.

Graduating = whoopee, I am free!!!

Soon to be homeless = I can live anywhere I want.

Less than $400 to my name = unless you are addicted to buying things, this is not all that bad. Think creatively and if you are a consumer simply stop it. STOP MAKING OTHER PEOPLE RICH!

Miss Canthus said...
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Miss Canthus said...

My post not only escaped before I was finished, it escaped twice!

To continue:

Tension between certain family members = that is their problem, not yours.

The whole work-school thing = I am not sure what you mean here.

Megan, your posts are great fun to read. I love your quirky personality.

You just have believe in yourself, be creative and be willing to be poor for awhile and you will have a much more interesting life ahead of you than if you try to fit your round peg into a square hole.

Miss Canthus said...

Oops, square peg into a round hole, cept I don't see you as "square". Perhaps I can come up with another analogy though don't count on it.

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