Sunday, June 11, 2006


Sunday, June 11, 2006
Okay, so WHAT is with people's msn names?! The "I (L) SO and SUCH" and "22 Days until my Prince comes back to me!" and "Oh, I mushhy mushhy lovelovelove blahblahblah".

Yes. I'm bitter. Extremely. But you know what? I don't come from a people that express a lot of affection verbally. Nor do I throw out terms of endearment to those who have not endeared themselves to me. It's true, I'm currently experiencing the LONGEST LENTEN FAST EVER, but you know what?

All of you mushy sappy ass people should be put on your own island, where your constant sugary diet of pet names and baby talk could slowly erode your teeth and you would choke to death.


backstagebetty said...

I love you Megan.
And not just because I'm obligated too.


Meg said...

I actually liked your msn name, even though it mentioned your Marc.

backstagebetty said...

yeah, he's so punk.

kent said...

I guess that's what happens when your closest neighbour is 2 miles away.