Thursday, January 04, 2007

Kitchen Idol

Thursday, January 04, 2007
The most common thing I hear about my mom, other than "wow, you look/sound alike!" is "your mom is an amazing cook". And it's true. She is. I don't know why I had the genetic misfortune to not inherit her mad skills, but somehow (probably because if she's so darn good at it, why would I have done it?!) I missed out. A few months ago, I told mom that I wanted to make dinner for the dude I was seeing, and she told me,

"uh...maybe you should practice."

So I did. I bought enough ingredients to make that dinner twice, but most of you know that I never got to use my trial-run-acquired skills, and the supplies to make "Never Be Single Again Vodka Cream Penne" (oh, the irony...) sat in my fridge until about 3 days ago.

After spending most of a week eating mom's cooking, I decided that perhaps I should start learning how to work my way around a kitchen. Tonight, I bust out the faux-gourmet, and made pasta with Romano cheese and pepper, and nutmeg and garlic seasoned spinach with white beans. I managed not to completely wreck anything, it was pretty good, and I haven't died of food poisoning yet.

Woohoo, me.


senorping said...

Maybe you inherited my culinary skills.... would you like my recipe for MeatLoaf?

Snowflake said...

Your culinary skills are there to be developed. I would swear you are not the next generation Hungarian Princess. I'll fill you in on my generation Princess some day.

Meg said...

uh, gag, Birthday Meatloaf. Thanks, Dad, but I can probably throw ground beef into a pan and top it with a raw egg and pineapple, and then scorch the top but not cook it all the way through.


Raymondo said...

Say Meg, I heard about that penne recipe on the radio a few weeks ago and forgot to write it down. Can you forward it to me please? If it's as good as it sounds, maybe I'll make it instead of popcorn next Xmas....

Snowflake said...

I baked the 1st of 3 recipes I am trying for dinner theatre dessert. This one is called Chocolate Royale Cheesecake squares. It looks and smells good, but the top started to crack, so I read about how to prevent that. Tomorrow I will try White chocolate cheesecake and black and white cheesecake squares. Sure hope someone likes cheesecake!

Meg said...

the vodka penne was really good. Just use really good quality vodka, and try not to drink too much of it before you get to the cooking part.

I emailed you the recipe.

Mom, you NEVER made cheesecake when I lived at home...what gives?!