Wednesday, January 17, 2007

No, I do NOT know who Peter O'Toole is.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007
So shoot me.

I'm sure all of you blog readers are well versed in films made eons before my birth (when my mother was 5, to be exact), but I am sadly not.

This is what irks me at this very moment in time: I, as a pop culture fiend/young person, am expected to know all the goods on everything that has happened from the dawn of time until about thirteen seconds ago. However, after a certain point, it is acceptable to shut down the new music/lit/film/fads part of your brain and pretend that it's still 2001/1997/1988, depending on who you are and what era you most closely identify with.

At what point is that? I feel it's already starting to happen...I don't like 'new music', seeking out 'new bands' can be exhausting, I sort of just want to rock out to Led Zep or BNL with some ripple chips like I'm used to and comfortable with, I don't understand the wasted, jaded youth with their skinny jeans and bad hair dye jobs and existential angst...

Oh god. I'm growing up again.


Mariska said...

Led Zeppelin were way before your time too.

-Breanne said...

I try to not let it happen... but there will be a day when I go to the bar and don't recognize the music... sad.

alex said...

Oy. If I hear Peter O'Toole one more time...

Don't feel bad- You shouldn't have to know every use-to-be-hunky film star. It's hard (one more harder? Peter? No?) ...sorry.

Meg said...

Yes, Alex, it IS harder. ONE more harder.

I had this elaborately scripted reply about how I identify with the times, and therefore am of the times, but I'll just leave it at Led Zeppelin rocks my socks, and my dad's socks, and therefore I grew up with it, and I struggle daily with the knowlege that I was soo born in the wrong decade, musically at least.

Man, I want some ripple chips.