Monday, January 15, 2007

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Monday, January 15, 2007
It came to my newspaper-reading attention this morning that Calgary's children are facing a severe ice shortage. With the booming population, there just isn't enough ice time to go around at the local hockey rinks. Our national identity so closely linked to our non-national sport, I wouldn't be surprised if Calgary does get its "10 Rinks Required" to support the need for ice.

Okay, don't get me wrong- kids need to play, and it's Canada, and I'd be even worse off slagging hockey than when I lay into how much I hate the Tragically Hip. But what do you think the odds are that when it comes down to priorities, that a new homeless shelter (we have over 3,000 homeless in this city) or low-income housing or education funding or any number of other worthwhile causes that need money will come in second to 10 new hockey rinks?

My money's on the Hockey Rinks. Which is really too bad, because if I had my money would go elsewhere.


Pumphouse Employee (but only on the weekends) said...

For me, the lack of rinks in the city marks a step away from living in a 'community' to living in a 'house'. We have these planners and developers that space out yards and commercials centres and force people further and further away from the downtown core, into their cookie-cutter houses with their box-stores... and neighbours are nameless, faceless people who inhabit the building next-door.

What's wrong with encouraging the developers that are planing and building these communities (and making assloads of money doing it) to encorporate community centres, and rinks and playgrounds and parks. Get them to build 'communities' more than just row-housing.

Leave the city to worry about the more important issues.

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L-diggs said...

Oh, let the homeless poor people sleep on the rinks. They already sleep outside anyways. After all, low income housing is for pinkos. Harper International Airport for Life yo!