Tuesday, January 02, 2007

You want to charge me WHAT?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Okay. So when I was lounging back at Mom and Dad's, I saw this really cute business card organizer binder in the Chatelaine Gift Guide. I spent about half an hour tracking it down this morning on the internet, and it's only ten bucks! Lucky me! So I decide that I'll order the little beauty, only to discover that for two-week ground shipping from California, they want to charge me THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS. Outraged! It's Canada, people, not the far reaches of the Gulag, and I'm not asking you to personally drive it up here. If I decide to go for the Express (3 day mail) service, it's NINETY FIVE DOLLARS.

So, forget it. Unless I email them back and demand that they consider charging me less than the actual product I wish to purchase...I will continue to use the pen tray in my desk drawer to house the mass of business cards I have acquired.


Miss Canthus said...

Megan, I can help you out with that, so that you can pay the same amount for shipping that anyone in the US does. Course then you have to add the shipping from BC to you. It may still cost a lot that way.

Email Kent for my email address if you decide you want to do it.