Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's Thursday!

Thursday, August 09, 2007
Back at the U of C, prestigious educational institution it is, I had Fridays off. Every Thursday I would roll into my Marketing 465 research class and loudly proclaim, "It's Thursday!" with such great enthusiasm.

I miss those days. Today I was torn between "oh, Thursday. Couldn't it be Friday already?" and "It's Thursday already? I have so much work to do yet..." Isn't growing up fun?

Speaking of growing up, here's what's new in my life: New job, soon to be new roommate, new furniture and a new suitcase. Lots and lots of business travel is in my future, friends, so soon I may be blogging at you from such exotic locales as Vancouver, Toronto and Edmonton! Hold on to your hats, yo!


Raymondo said...

Congratulations are in order Megan! From what I hear, you will be perfect for your new job. We wish you all the best. It is unlikely that you will make it up to our part of the country, but you never know. You are welcome to drop in for a visit anytime.

Way to go, Meg!

Andrasta said...

yay new job!!! Congrats Meganude!

Andrasta said...
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Meg said...

Thanks! I'm very excited. Thrills!

Anonymous said...

Oh if only Saskatoon was one of the locales you would be frequenting frenquently! I heart redundancy! Congrats Megan...I couldn't be happier for you!
-Carmen P

kent said...

Congrats, Megan.

Enjoy the corporate whoring while you can.