Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wow...a Week...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007
I can't believe I haven't updated this damn blog in a week. Sorry guys. You must have thought I died! (Or, alternatively, you all have lives and didn't even notice)

I'm in the process of clearing out files and emails at work- deleting a year's worth of forwards, intra-office memos, and "let's go for coffee! now!" notes takes awhile, I have found. Then, because I was on a roll, I decided to tackle my personal inbox.

I have a problem with deleting emails.

I don't know what it is or why- I have emails saved from back before the internet was available in colour. Back from when I was in High School. Some of them I save because- well, for example, the email from my cousin Erin that she sent while I was in Quebec, letting me know that her dad was sick. I can't delete it.

Or the email my friend Jane sent after she left Calgary and had cried all night. She was drunk and in New York City. How could I?

But I think that there may be reason for me to delete some of them.

I have kept every single email I have ever sent or received from someone I've dated. Seriously. We're looking at six solid years of courting correspondence- you can track them. It's my history of relationships, laid out neatly, by date and timestamped. And I date. A lot. Never for long, but in high frequency. That's a LOT of email, people.

Like, over 500 separate emails. Seriously. A lot of them are really funny. Some of them, including the one replying to the email I sent where I tell a certain someone that I'd just rather not see them again- is really funny. But some of them hurt to look at. I can't even open them. I know what they say, I know how I felt when I first received them, and I know that I can never, ever delete them.

Girlfriend needs more memory space. Or a massive server crash to wipe out all evidence of my past lives. Anyone know someone at Google who could arrange that?


Laurel said...

You could print them all off -- and that could be your "Great Canadian Novel" (or at least a rough draft)

Breanne said...

That is a GREAT idea Laurel. I love it.
As for you not posting for a week... well you've been busy. I haven't posted in a month. Or so. Sometimes life happens. But you best be posting about your new job next week missy.

Anonymous said...

I usually purge everything right after a horrid relationship...but I always regret it later. Keep them Megan...keep them for always.

-C le P

Meg said...

Oh, I don't know if there is anything great or novel-esque about my dating history. It's not even sketch comedy fare, really. Just boring, frustrating, never-ends-but-never-begins crapola!

PatZ said...

send it to NBC and they'll make a show out of it. and then you'll always be able to say "that's MY show." plus, with all the royalties, you could buy your own server.