Monday, September 17, 2007

Business Trips for Newbies

Monday, September 17, 2007
Things I have learned about business travel so far (please keep in mind that this is only my second time travelling for business, but I'll be doing it often so get used to this theme).

1. Be really, really, reaaaalllllly nice to the check-in desk people, the concierge and the check-out desk people. Also, the people that deliver your room service, the bellhop, the doormen, and the chambermaids. Because you never know when you're going to have to ask stupid questions, or beg for a free toothbrush because you forgot yours at home (again, for the nine millionth time). Asking for something or looking stupid is forgiven quite quickly when you're a nice person.

2. The hotel lounge will usually have a jazz piano player, and he appreciates your groovin' as much as you appreciate his tunesin'. So if you dig what he's puttin' down, show it. If not, keep your mouth shut and utilise the in-room minibar.

3. Things in the in-room minibar cost about eight times their street value. But nothing says "Hey, bitches, I've made it!" like twelve dollars worth of bottled water at eleven pm on a Tuesday night.

4. Rooms that come with a hair dryer and an ironing board for your use are cool- rooms that come with a robe, an umbrella, and slippers are SUPER cool. And SUPER COOL things don't need to make their way into your suitcase...

5. On that note, you don't really need to take the little soap home with you.

6. $25 croissants are just better. Can't explain it. But they are.


Lady Rose said...

sniffle. our little Megs is all growed up.