Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Glamming It Up in the Dairy Case

Tuesday, September 11, 2007
On the advice of a friend far enough away to be out of punching arm's reach, I glammed myself up tonight to hit the supermarket, where I planned to purchase my carefully budgeted-for and selected groceries. (I ain't understating, here, I'm broke-five. Only until Friday, though! And apparently my financial situation is also preventing me from using five-dollar words and phrases, like "am not".)

Well. Never again will I brush my hair and put on lipstick to pick out stewing beef. Sweet Jesus, a freaky old man chased me through the deli, the frozen goods section, and the fish counter! I am not interested in hearing about how your consumption of liver and onions allows you to stay alive despite your "debaucherous lifestyle". Don't you have old ladies you could be out chasing somewhere?

That's it, I'm officially dying alone. But when I do, I promise I won't chase cute young twenty-somethings through the produce section talking about radiation therapy and my libido.


Lady Rose said...

this could only happen to you Megan.

Meg said...

I'm sure it happens to lots of girls. Right? I'm not the only one?

Laurel said...

Good Ol Kensington Safeway!

L-diggs said...

Dude, if you see a guy with 16 litres of milk, don't walk: RUN! I miss you con todo mi corazon and I hope the job is starting to offer its perks! When are you coming here again? I'll email soon! MMWWWWAA!