Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm Becoming a Single-Girl Cliche...

Friday, September 21, 2007
Dear Cute Blockbuster Guy (not to be confused with Not Cute Blockbuster Guy),

I'm sorry I couldn't hang around and talk about James Spader movies with you tonight. I seriously would have, if I wasn't so late already in picking up my takeout order from the Tandoori Hut. I mean, that naan is only good hot, y'know?

And please don't judge me based on my movie choices. I swear to god, I rented The Notebook for someone else. Um, the someone else who occasionally inhabits my body and mind. Okay, I rented it for me, and yes, I've had that damn copy of that stupid Cameron Diaz movie that I didn't even WATCH since February, but dude, your store is like THREE QUARTERS of a BLOCK away from my house! It's so far! I didn't make a fuss about paying the late fees, so uh...wanna hang out sometime?

Hugs and Kisses,


PS- How do you stand working with Not Cute Blockbuster Guy? Seriously, does he need to comment on every single movie rented by someone? And does he have to say Kirsten Dunst and then sort of make that weird panting vibrato noise? Like, "ooohhhhhh, Mark Ruffalo" except substitute Kiki's name in there for Mark Ruffalo (oooohhhhh, prrrreeoooowww). Ruffalo.

PPS- I promise that this time I'll bring my movies back. On time. Ish.


Erin said...

The Not Cute 7-11 Guy still misses you. I can tell.

Meg said...


7-11 Guy.

I don't miss him.