Saturday, September 08, 2007

Surf the Internets Like it's 1999

Saturday, September 08, 2007



I have been without internet access at home (and with limited access at work) for almost two weeks. I feel that this is proof positive that I should continue living in a technologically wired world. I survived, but it wasn't pretty. I played lots of solitare (with real cards!), mopped my kitchen floor so very many times, and actually stooped to reading a copy of Dr. Phil's Love Smart that the woman who used to live in my basement left in our kitchen almost a year ago.

What have I learned?

That the internets are really important to the way I live my life and communicate with my network of family, friends, coworkers and other peoples.

That when I buy a home, it is not going to have white tile floors.

That even when I play cards by myself, I will invariably lose.

That Dr Phil is full of shit.


L-diggs said...

Burn that book, dawg. For the love of God, please!

Andrasta said...

Come on!! "Bag him, tag him, take him home"!! That chapter changed my life ;)