Sunday, October 28, 2007

Slightly Less than Two Dozen More Things You Don't Know About Megan

Sunday, October 28, 2007
20. I looove. Love. Luff. Mexican food.

19. I spent my 12th birthday in Las Vegas. Where I've been 10 times. (That one doesn't really count because most of you know the frequency of my trips to Vegas)

18. We once went on a family vacation that included a stop at the ranch where they filmed "Bonanza". The Ponderosa, I think. The trees were really tall. I broke my arm shortly thereafter.

17. My favourite flavour of ice cream is really good vanilla. Of course, I will never admit to this when asked because I think it reveals that psychologically, I have deep issues. Or that I'm boring. Or some kind of really boring, deeply psychologically depraved individual. Go ahead. Ask me. Betcha an ice cream cone that I'll say Mint Chocolate Chip.

16. I've worked in a chocolate shop, an ice cream store, a drive-in food joint, for a theatre company, the university, a surface landman and an accounting firm.

15. I definitely lied about my weight on my driver's license. I use the excuse "I have difficulty converting imperial measurements to metric" far too often.

14. I'm an aires. And according to the chinese horroscope, a rat. A ram and a rat. I see a pattern, but I can't think of another 'ra-" word.

13. I count steps as I walk down stairs and cross streets. But I usually only count in multiples of eleven.

12. I have a mad crush on someone I'm really not supposed to have a crush on.

11. I would rather just buy new underpants and socks than do laundry, and I follow through with this preference about half the time.

BREANNE: Don't read this next one, it's about feet and it'll freak you out.

10. The toenails on my pinky toes frequently fall off. Sometimes I paint directly on the skin where the nail should be so that I don't look like a pinky toe nail-less freak.

9. I've never had a facial. This is scheduled to change on November 3.

8. I secretly wonder how I would look as a blonde, and get very close to asking my stylist to make me one every time I sit in that chair.

7. There are no 'home row' lables left on my keyboard. I learned to type using Mavis Beacon, but while I can properly type with my left hand, my right hand moves around a lot and I only type with my pointer and middle finger.

6. I can type 65 wpm, more if I try really hard. But then I psyche myself out and mess up.

5. I don't know if I can do a sommersault- I really want to try but I'm afraid that I'll break my neck. I also want to see if I can do a cartwheel, because I've never been able to do them.

4. I actually prefer Evian bottled water, but if I was challenged to a blind taste test, I couldn't tell the difference. I'm a total label snob. As if the brand name of my bottled water is really changing my life. How pathetic!

3. I don't like hollandaise sauce. The wonder of Eggs Benedict is completely lost on me.

2. I've never tried caviar, and I'm not sure that I ever will.

1. The only constellations I can identify are Orion, Cassopeia, the Big Dipper and the Southern Cross. My dad used to tell me the myths about constellations when we were camping, and that was always my favourite part of the summer.

BONUS! When I was little, I thought my dad made up the story of Noah's Ark; he did that booming voice of God so well, I was convinced that it had to be his own work.


PatZ said...

okok, raaaaandom, when i was walking up an escalator today i was like "someone counts these in elevens...." and then i proceeded to forget that until JUST now after many shared pitchers.

Breanne said...

Okay - a couple things. Is #12 who I think it is?
Feet are gross...
And you can name way more constellations than I can! Although one time I dated a guy that was obsessed with the stars and he used to tell me quite a bit. You'd think I'd remember something from all those nights... but seeing him in spandex some years later seems to have erased any dating memory.

Breanne said...

Oh - and you've totally told me your fav. ice cream was mint chocolate chip. But I do agree that a really good vanilla is fabulous. Although rare, so it's easier to pick a flavour than be stuck with bad vanilla.

Meg said...

that is hella random.

Bree- yeah, I think it is the person you think it is. Which is why it's inappropriate. And unrealistic. What I really need to do is see him in spandex and put a stop to this ridiculous crush...

Breanne said...

He might be hot in spandex. He might fill it out a little better... it might just increase your crush.
Although picturing it in my head is making me laugh (is there a reason the spandex is purple in my head? Funny)... so I'm thinking it would not be hot.
Perhaps it's not inappropriate or unrealistic and you should just go for it. I think that's what you should do. He's hot and available.

Breanne said...

Oh and straight. I forgot to say he's definitely definitely straight. Which is a big bonus for you Meg!

Meg said...

that's a good point. I do have a real soft spot for straight men who look ridiculous in purple spandex.

Anonymous said...

#18 happened because of #17


Meg said...

Oh my god, Dad, you're right. And I hadn't even planned it that way!

How odd.