Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Twenty (that makes sixty so far) Things You Probably Already Know (Or, Maybe Don't) About Megan

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
20. I hate raw and cooked onions, but I looove onion rings. Usually I pull the onion bits out and just eat the crunchy deep fried bits.

19. I prefer to drink my diet coke out of a can or from a soda fountain. Bottled pop tastes kind of weird to me.

18. I had two cats when I was growing up, one we loved (Phantom) and one we don't talk about (Waldo). I think that Waldo was later renamed 'Target Practice', but that claim is unverified.

17. The first time I ever ate shrimp was the night before I started university. I was 18.

16. My feet are size 9. I can't figure out which one is bigger than the other like the constantly tell us is normal, so I fear that my symmetrical appendages makes me abnormal. That's just my luck.

15. The movies I can watch over and over again are High Fidelity- because it's awesome, Love Actually- because it features attractive British people, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding- because it reminds me of my own (albeit non-greek) family.

14. I used to facilitate workshops at junior leadership conferences about positive self image and healthy lifestyles. Stop laughing. Oh, the irony.

13. I played the French Horn from grade 5-12.

12. I went to Science Camp when I was in Junior High. It was all kinds of awesome.

11. I'm obsessed with the CBC website.

10. I hate black licorice and black licorice flavoured things. But I like Jagermeister.

9. I have absolutely no idea what day our garbage pick-up is. Not a clue. I've lived in my house since August 2006.

8. I think the worst thing you can ever take from someone is what they believe or have faith in.

7. I was a Brownie but not a Girl Guide.

6. When I worked at Ye Olde Chocolate Shoppe, I once lied to a customer and told him that Chocolate Pigs were a symbol of undying love to meet my sales quota. Also, because he was all kinds of hot and I wanted his girlfriend to dump him.

5. I love pineapple on my pizza. I believe that chicken has no place near a pizza pie.

4. I'm terrified. ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED. of snakes.

3. I have a frequently reuccuring dream that my teeth are falling out. I also frequently dream about catching my ex boyfriends in bed with this one girl that went to my high school. I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually to happen.

2. I'm afraid to go back to my hairstylist, who I luff, because I cheated on her and lopped off a considerable amount of hair.

1. I was on the Bull-a-rama Planning Committee in Ye Olde Home Towne a few years ago and walked with the Rodeo Float in the Parade. In a head-to-toe denim outfit. But no tiara.


Snowflake said...

Keep the list coming, there are a few things I don't even know (but then maybe I was never meant to know them anyway).

Your friendly neighbourhood City of Calgary employee said...

Wednesday. Your garbage pickup day is Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Oh Megan. I truly love this new "column" you are doing. One thing you may or may not know about C le P? She misses Megan on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis.

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

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L-diggs said...

Who else knows our garbage pickup? That's freaky man. I knew about the pig, the onion rings, the high fidelity (and TBS movies of all kinds, those you forgot to mention).

Where are you my Megan? I miss you! Leave that continent behind and come and join me in Europa... We could out-smooth this whole nation...