Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Twenty Things You Might Not Know About Megan

Tuesday, October 02, 2007
20. I don't take my coffee any particular way. Sometimes, it's with cream, sometimes it's black, sometimes with milk and sugar, sometimes I like a latte or an americano or flavoured or dark roast. But it's never decaf, and it's always hot.

19. I wrote a letter to a Canadian magazine when I was twelve, challenging an article that stated that in the 1990s, we experienced a 'demise of children's literature.' It was published.

18. I hate pork. I don't mind eating ham or bacon, but neither of them are my favourites.

17. My Saint's Name is Margaret. What this means, I couldn't tell you. I did get to pick it. Looking back, I wish there had been a Saint Princess Sparkle Cupcake.

16. I won the Governor General's medal in Grade 12. My brother also won it in his grad year, and his medal is much prettier.

15. One of my biggest pet peeves is the word 'pet peeve'. I also hate the way that foam- as in foam mattresses- feels. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

14. I have read the entire New Testament three times. Then one day I stopped and haven't picked up a bible since.

13. Speaking of bibles, I stole one from the church we used to go to. (mom, now would be a time to tell grandma to start praying for my soul...or what's left of it)

12. I never wear yellow. Not even yellow underwear. I look terrible in it. Sal-low.

11. I have never dated anyone seriously for longer than three months. For that matter, I'm not sure I've ever been 'serious' about anyone. Except that one time.

10. Everytime I buy a new toothbrush, I have to make sure that it's a different colour than the last one I bought.

9. I count silently in my head when I walk up stairs.

8. I think putting ketchup where it doesn't belong- like, on Macaroni and Cheese- is really disgusting.

7. Every day I wake up and wonder if I've gone horribly wrong and just don't know it yet.

6. The only kind of potato chips I really like to eat are plain ripple chips.

5. I take the dust jackets off books I'm embarrassed to be seen reading in an attempt to look less dumb. This only works when book bindings are subtle and neutral.

4. The best vacation I've ever been on was with my parents and brother to Florida the summer after I graduated from High School, but I will say at the end of every vacation, "That was the best vacation ever!". I'm lying to myself.

3. My feet are size 9.

2. I've broken my left wrist, right arm and collarbone. Not all at once.

1. I still firmly believe that you should hit the space bar twice after a period.


Meg2 said...

Megan - If you are passionate about the two spaces, you will probably like http://quotation-marks.blogspot.com/

Geeky grammar humour - Rah!

Breanne said...

Megan- if you are passionate about the two spaces you should buy a TYPEWRITER because that's what it's for.

*hugs & kisses*

Meg said...

Whitespace! Whitespace makes my eyes hurt less!

Unlike Whitesnake, which makes my ears hurt more.

Kathleen said...

18 - Me too!!!
17 - mine's Teresa
14 - How 'bout that Revelations, eh?
6 - with dip or without?
1 - did that stop being the case and no one told me?

breanne said...

The computer knows that after a period it needs to leave more space than after a normal letter or punctuation. So it does the white space for you... and has for quite some time. :) Putting two spaces in is confusing the computer and making it more difficult for people to read because there's TOO much space between sentences.

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