Sunday, November 11, 2007

Grasping at Straws: 20 More Things You Didn't Care to Know About Megan, But Let's Face it- You Want to Know How This One Ends

Sunday, November 11, 2007
20. I'm afraid of the dark, but only in bathrooms. I am terrified to be in the bathroom without a light on. I will. not. go. in. that. room. without. lightsource.

19. I have a lip gloss/balm/stick/salve/stain addiction. But they always end up the same shade. I have a drawer full of pinkish-red lipgloss. I can't understand why I keep buying lip cosmetic products- perhaps to make myself more kissable? Yeah. Riiight.

18. I hate thumpthump-shiggy-shiggy music. I don't like hip-hop. I'm daring someone out there to prove me wrong and educate me.

17. I may have once driven over my cell phone by accident. I've also left it in a snowbank overnight, put it through the washing machine, and dropped it two stories. The little Nokia, he just keeps ringing. Well, except when it got ran over.

16. I like these smells: vanilla, lavender, musk, brown-sugar, grass, sawdust, grapefruit. I don't like these smells: licorice, gasoline, roses, skunk, axe body spray.

15. My favourite flowers are tulips.

14. I prefer red wine to white and I'm opposed to purchasing wine at the liquor store that costs more than $12 a bottle.

13. I secretly believe that I'll end up alone and childless- not a terrible thing, just a realistic thing. Despite this I have a baby name picked out.

12. I love corn pops, corn chex, corn bran. I hate shreddies.

11. I hate multiple choice quizzes in magazines. I always cheat to end up with the median answer- you know, "not too crazy, not too sane"

10. I prefer to write in blue ballpoint pen, but black non-ballpoint pen.

9. I'm superstitios about throwing out shoes. I don't know what bad luck throwing out shoes could bring, but I cringe when I do it. Hence my enormous shoe collection of ugly, outdated, worn out footwear I never use.

8. I don't think we celebrate Groundhog Day enough in Canada. We should wipe Valentines Day off the calendar and focus on our little season-predicting rodent friend.

7. I think feta cheese tastes funny. Delicious, but funny.

6. I really belive in keeping secrets. If someone tells me something in confidence- it's up there, held in until the day I die. Or, until it becomes common knowledge because the person who it concerns has made it public. That's why I think it's so funny that people at work are hesitant to confide in me- because I'll "alert the media". Right.

5. I have at least five pairs of red shoes.

4. I always use the same bathroom stall at work. If it's occupied, I walk a lap around the office and come back later.

3. When I'm interested in someone- a friend, a romantic interest, whatever- I go out of my way to learn as much as I can about them and what they are interested in so that I can go home and research whatever it is they're into. Then I can drop relevant information into our future conversations. Before you know it, we have bonded over common interests. It's too bad that they're not really organically common interests.

2. I like plain, fat-free yogurt. Possibly the most boring food on the planet.

1. I started this list because I didn't think I could come up with 100 random and pointless things about me. Surprise. I did. And it was hard.