Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Reasons to Hate Tuesdays

Tuesday, November 06, 2007
Tuesday. The Ugly Stepsister of the week. It's not Monday- but Megan! you say, everyone hates Mondays! True, gentle blog readers, but the truth is that Monday comes with it's very own attitude- a "case of the mondays" is the perfect example. You're not allowed to be crotchety like you are on Mondays; it's totally socially unacceptable to be as grumpy on Tuesday as Monday mornings allow you to be.

So for these reasons, I will present you with reasons to hate Tuesdays:

1. Not cheap movie night anymore.
2. The weekend glow? It's gone, replaced by the wonder and joy of spending the next four days working on your florescent tan.
3. No one brings snacks in on Tuesdays. Snacks at the workplace? Reserved for Fridays and Mondays ONLY. At least around these parts.
4. You can't get away with going for happy hour on Tuesdays. People who drink copious amounts of liquor on Tuesdays, well. They have a problem.
5. It's not acceptable to just cave and order pizza after work- you've worked a whole what, two days? Not acceptable. Monday is a shock to the system, Thursday is almost a celebration, but Tuesday? Nay. You'd better be working on something epic. From Scratch.

Maybe I'm just grumpy. Maybe it's because I was denied my latte until 10:00 this morning because I had to rush from the train to the office for an 8:30 conference call. Or maybe it's because my outfit is so frumpy that once again I appear to be auditioning for the lead role in the "Sisterhood of the Ill-Fitting Pants".

Coming soon to a theatre near you. Catch it some Tuesday, at full price. Don't even think about getting free popcorn.


Breanne said...

I miss Cheap Movie Tuesday... they should bring it back. Give Tuesday something to cheer about...

Oh - and I think you missed one thing: Monday you can ask people how their weekend was; Wednesday you can loudly declare it's "hump day" (followed by a snicker of course); Thursday you can begin asking people what they're going to do for the upcoming weekend; Friday is pretty much the start of the weekend. What about Tuesday? You can't look forward, but you can't look back either - it seems too far away. :( Maybe it just needs a catchy name like Pre-Hump Day... hummm.