Friday, November 30, 2007

Why I Might Not (Probably?) Have Children, Reason #453

Friday, November 30, 2007
I don't spend a lot of time with children. I don't know anyone that has them; I don't ever get to see them in their natural habitat. So, much like visiting the python exhibit at the zoo, seeing children in the wild is sort of terrifying. (Because I am terrified of snakes, see one of the 108 things you didn't know about me)

Anyway, it's damn cold here in Calgary, and the wee tots have been wobbling around in parkas and sorel boots and tights on their chubby little legs, with rosy little cheeks and shiny little eyes, and I have to admit, they are kind of adorable.

On Monday, I was taking the number 419 home from work. Sitting in front of me on the bus was a Dad and his little child- who was kind of ambiguously dressed and had one of those androgynous haircuts that are all the rage amongst the hip tween set. Child and dad are playing a game, where they point out things, identify the colour and then name something that rhymes with the colour or the object. Despite the -15 weather, I feel my heart start to warm a bit.

I imagine it felt very similar to what the Grinch experienced when his heart grew three sizes at once. Or heartburn.

Child and dad are sitting there, rhyming away, child getting cuter by the second, and I think to myself- "hey. Maybe I could have one of those, after all"

And then it licked the seat of the bus.


Breanne said...

EEwwww... does that child have any idea the things that take place on bus seats??? I barely want to SIT on them and I have layers of protection between me and the seat. This child needs to go get some sort of vaccination PRONTO. Was the father appalled?

PatZ said...

seat probably rhymes with a colour like ice cream and all kids like ice cream. it makes perfect sense.

Meg said...

seat rhymes with peat. Which is mossy dirt.

Or feet. Which stink.

Yeah. Mmm. stinky moss. yummy.

(I'll give you that seat rhymes with treat)

Snowflake said...

Could have been worse, could have put the tongue on freezing cold metal. Then you would have seen one very cute little child turn into a screaming crying bleeding child with a bloody tongue hanging out his or her mouth.

Alex said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. That's all i've got. you must reproduce (i'm taking the romance out of it for ya).